West house pottery (Soap Dishes)

"West House Pottery is a social enterprise supporting artists and potters with learning disabilities to create stunning art and ceramics for the community in West Cumbria" (From the West House Pottery leaflet).

I am very proud to be showcasing and selling these soap dishes, that have been made especially for me. I had the pleasure of meeting their representatives at a craft fair in Carlisle, where we discussed the possibility of making ceramic dishes for holding my products. After I was shown some prototypes, I was more than happy to commission more pieces.

These unique dishes complement my products and I have had a wonderful response to these at my craft fairs.

If you would like to purchase a handmade soap dish that has been made by West House Pottery, then please click on the button below (Add to Cart). The price of the soap dish is £5-00 and as the items vary from one delivery to another, you will get one chosen at random. Delivery will be £3-25. If you want something specific, then you can email me at victoriamarchskincare@gmail.com and I will check when the item is in stock. There may be a delay if the dish needs to be made.

Thanks for looking.

£5-00 for a specially selected soap dish (£3.25 delivery).

bamboo face cloths

A soft, natural, anti-bacterial face cloth. Helps clean whilst being gentle. Can be used on the most sensitive skin types. Works well in partnership with the Victoria March Skincare family soap, which is suitable for all ages and skin types.

£2-50 per cloth (colours may vary).

sisal soap bags

This soap bag is made from sisal, a sustainable and bio-degradable fibre. These bags offer a level of exfoliation when the soap is inside them.

Please ensure that the bag and the bar of soap inside is allowed to dry fully in between uses.

£2-50 per bag.